Dogecoin dropped by about a third during Elon Musk’s SNL appearance, as he conceded in a skit that Dogecoin was merely a “hustle”

Dogecoin dropped by a couple of third throughout Elon Musk’s SNL look, as he conceded in a skit that Dogecoin was merely a “hustle” — Are movie star CEOs the way forward for popular culture? After they’re dressed as Wario, possibly. — Saturday night time was the second it turned completely simple: tech is tradition now.

Despite a bad night for Dogecoin, Elon Musk had a good night on Saturday Night Live

It was Saturday night that made it absolutely undeniable that technology has now become a part of our culture.

Even A-list actors and musicians struggle to get the kind of recognition and anticipation that Elon Musk brought to the stage when he took the stage on Saturday Night Live. There is no doubt that Musk was invited to host the show because of his wealth; he was invited to host because he is as influential as anyone else on the stage in terms of culture. He either has a lot of people who hate him, or a lot of people who love him, but everyone pays attention to him.

There is actually a way in which Musk can be viewed as the model of a modern-day SNL host in many ways. It seems that he is constantly crossing lines and bathing in the backlash of those lines when he crosses them, and he is shamelessly controversial. If so many of his wild ideas didn’t work out, it would be easy to ignore him, since he has wild ideas about practically everything, but his ideas usually work out. He seems to have no shame or reservations about doing insane things on live television, in spite of all the shame or reservations that might prevent most CEOs and captains of industry from doing the same. As a matter of fact, he has proven to be basically impossible to keep from doing anything he wants to do in the future.

All in all, Musk was a pretty good host by all accounts. The first thing he said during the show was that he was the first SNL host ever with Asperger’s syndrome. There were jokes he made at his own expense, a discussion on renewable energy and Mars that was not too heavy on the renewable energy and Mars part. As a doctor, as a party guest, as the Dogefather, as a cowboy inventor, and as himself, he played an awkward character. I’m sure that Musk’s skit in which he portrays Wario, saying that he isn’t evil, he is just misunderstood, is going to be the one people remember for a very long time.

On this episode of Saturday Night Live, Dogecoin was the star of the show. The SNL performance on Saturday, which was billed as a sort of coronation for the cryptocurrency, had watch parties set up all over YouTube and a lot of folks hoping that Dogecoin would hit the crucial $1 mark during the show. The price of Dogecoin plummeted almost immediately after the show started, dropping by nearly a third before recovering to almost its previous level. A night like that for the currency was so eventful that Robinhood couldn’t even keep up with all of the activity. All of this culminated in Musk joining the Weekend Update crew, where he repeatedly answered questions regarding Dogecoin, eventually calling it “a hustle” after many hours of answering questions about it.

It seems likely that Musk’s success may lead to more tech titans getting hosting gigs in the future as a result of his success. As SNL is enjoying a pretty good season (though a few episodes haven’t been huge hits), choosing Musk wasn’t necessarily the right move to shake things up in order to boost ratings that are on the decline. NBC took advantage of this opportunity to reach a new audience, and it’s certainly an interesting way to get the show in front of a new audience. It streamed the show live on YouTube for viewers all over the world. In addition to that, you might get a chance to meet Jeff Bezos, Jack Dorsey and a few other celebrity CEOs during the event. However, the episode itself had its share of controversy, or at least the run-up to it, as some staffers were hesitant to assist a billionaire in laundering his public image and boosting his cryptocurrency portfolio.

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