How To Unban Someone On Discord? Complete Process

There are many exciting features in Discord, including the ability to communicate with other gamers or friends through groups. The members of a group must, however, avoid spamming and trolling. They can be banned by the server moderators if they don’t comply with these rules.

However, what happens if someone is accidentally banned? Can that person be unbanned? Furthermore, do the steps differ if you use MEE6, Dyno, or Carl? Here’s what you need to know.

How to Unban Someone on Discord

Unbanning someone on Discord is easiest done through a computer. It’s important to note that you can only do this if you’re a server administrator. No matter if you use a Mac, Windows, or Chromebook, the process will remain the same. With just a few clicks, you can unban someone on Discord:

  1. You will need to launch Discord on your computer.
  2. Unban someone from the server or channel where you want to unban them.
  3. Click on the down arrow next to the server name on the top left of the screen. The drop-down menu will appear.
  4. Go to the Server Settings page.
  5. On the left side of the page, tap on Bans. On the right, you will see a list of all banned users.
  6. Unban the member by selecting him or her. If there are many banned members, you can type their name in the search box.
  7. You will see a pop-up asking if you want to revoke the ban. Revoke the ban by clicking on it.

Following these steps will allow the banned member to use the server again.

Unbanning someone on a Discord server is easier by accessing the Settings from the Server List. You can do this by following these steps:

  1. Check the servers on the left side of Discord.
  2. Choose the one where a person has been banned.
  3. From the drop-down menu, right-click the server and select Server Settings.
  4. Click on Overview.
  5. Select Bans from the sidebar.
  6. You can unban someone by tapping on their name. Check if that’s the right user.
  7. Revoke the ban by clicking on it.

That’s all there is to it! Now the person can access the server.

How to Unban Someone on Discord on Android or iPhone

When you use Discord on your smartphone and want to unban a member, the steps will be the same whether you use an Android or an iPhone. You need to do the following:

  1. You can launch Discord on your smartphone by clicking here.

  2. From the left, select the server where the member was banned.

  3. On the top left of the screen, click the three dots.

  4. Click on the gear icon.

  5. Click on Bans.

  6. Click on their name.

  7. Lastly, click Unban.

How to Temporarily Ban Someone

You may want to temporarily ban members. Discord’s native features cannot be used to set a temporary ban. Alternatively, you can use a bot to automatically assign members to a ‘Timeout’ role.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Navigate to the server in Discord.
  2. Click Server from the right-click menu.
  3. Select Roles from the menu.
  4. Then click Create Role.
  5. Give your timeout role a name. At the top, click Permissions.
  6. Turn off permissions by scrolling through the list.
  7. To create the Timeout role, click Save Changes.

With the Timeout role, you can completely prevent users from interacting with your Server. You can use a bot to automatically assign members to this role.

In case you’re not sure how to use a bot in Discord to set automatic roles, check out this article.

How to IP Ban Someone on Discord

Discord bans are generally based on IP addresses. In other words, when a moderator bans a user, all other users using the same IP address are also banned from accessing the server. If you decide to ban a member, keep this in mind. If you want to IP ban someone, whether you’re using Dyno, Carl, or MEE6, follow these steps:

  1. You will need to open Discord on your computer.
  2. From the left side of the screen, select the server.
  3. Click on the member you want to ban.
  4. Select Ban from the drop-down menu when you right-click on their name.
  5. The pop-up menu will appear. The member’s comments can be deleted here.
  6. Comment with your reasons for banning this person.
  7. Ban the tap.

Additional FAQs

You can find more information regarding bans on Discord in the next section:

Are Bans on Discord Permanent?

The type of ban on Discord determines whether the ban is permanent. A moderator can ban a member from a particular server. This means that anyone using the same IP address cannot access the server. There is no need for this ban to be permanent. If the moderator decides to unban that person, they will be allowed back into the server.

There are, however, also system-wide bans. Accounts will be banned by the Discord Trust & Safety team. Users are permanently banned from the Discord platform when they receive these bans.

What Happens If You Ban Someone on Discord?

When a moderator bans someone on Discord, they cannot post on the server, see messages, or send or receive voice chats. They are also unable to see other users on the server from which they have been banned. Other people using the same IP address will not be able to access the same server due to these IP-based bans.

The person you’ve banned won’t receive a notification. However, when they attempt to enter the server, they will see an expired link message.

Can I Get Unbanned on Discord?

You can’t unban a member yourself unless a moderator decides to do so. However, a banned member can contact the server moderator, apologize for whatever caused this person to ban them, and hope that this person will revoke the ban. Remember, though, that this can only be done if you haven’t been blocked by the moderator. It won’t be possible for you to send a message to them if that’s the case.

A member who has been banned by Discord can only appeal the ban by contacting Discord. Members who have been banned can write in detail about their problems and hope for the best. You can write to Discord by following these steps:

1. Click here to learn more.

2. Under Submit a Request, select Trust and Safety.

3. Submit a request by selecting Trust and Safety from the dropdown menu.

4. The form must be filled out. From the How can we help? menu, select Appeals, age updates, or other questions. An overview.

5. If you have any supporting documents, please attach them.

6. Click the Submit button.

Can You Ban Someone Again After Unbanning Them on Discord?

If a moderator revokes a ban, it’s still possible to ban the member again if there’s a good reason. To ban this member, the moderator should follow the same steps as the first time.

Unbanning Discord Members

It’s possible to unban a member you’ve previously banned, whether you’re using Discord on your computer or smartphone. The reason you decide to revoke a ban may be that you made a mistake, or they sent a message apologizing.

If that member violates the rules at any point, you can ban them again. The bans are IP-based, so even if they make another account but still use the same IP address, they won’t be able to use the server.

Have you been able to unban a member on Discord? Were there any issues you encountered? Have you had to ban the same member twice? We would love to hear about your experiences regarding bans and the most common reasons for banning members.

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