Why Can’t I Hear Instagram Stories? Here’s A Fix

Instagram Stories appear at the top of the screen once you open the app, and your favorites are arranged first for your convenience. IG Stories are a lot of fun, and you don’t need to go through the feed most of the time.

If you open your favorite celebrity’s Story and you can’t hear anything, what do you do? What causes that to happen? These are some common causes of no sound in IG Stories.

iOS 15 Update Issue Causes No Sound in Instagram Stories

iOS 15 is Apple’s latest major version of the iOS operating system, released in September 2021. Instagram Stories users have complained that they cannot hear audio. It is understandable that this situation is quite frustrating. To make your phone work better, you’ve gone through the lengthy process of iOS updates. Instagram Stories no longer have sound. Is there anything you can do about it?

Solve iOS 15 No Audio in Instagram Stories Problem by Troubleshooting in the App

To fix your missing audio in IG Stories on iOS 15, you can try a few other things.

Check for an Instagram Update

Checking for an Instagram update is the best course of action. In addition to regular updates, Instagram often fixes minor glitches. To get started, simply follow these steps:

  1. If you have an iPhone, visit the Apple Store, and if you have an Android phone, go to the Google Play Store.
  2. Make sure you have the most recent Instagram update installed by searching Instagram.

Check Permissions

  1. Go to your “Settings” and close the app.
  2. In the applications section, select “Instagram”
  3. Ensure that all permissions are enabled.

Reinstall Instagram

In the event that the above solution did not work, you may want to delete Instagram. Please note that this is only temporary!

  1. The app should be uninstalled
  2. Check if you can hear the sound in Instagram Stories after you reinstall the app.

There is a good chance that this step will fix that and any other Instagram issues you were experiencing.

Solve the iOS 15 No Audio in Instagram Stories Problem by Reporting It

Consider trying another option before you decide to downgrade to the previous iOS version. The Instagram community tends to be receptive to user complaints. This is especially true if the problem continues to spread across the globe.

Report the issue directly to Instagram and see if it is addressed immediately as a first step. While not everyone has experienced sound problems with Instagram Stories after the latest iOS update, many have. Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Select “Settings” from your Instagram profile.
  2. Choose “Help” from the menu.
  3. You can report a problem by selecting “Report a Problem.”
  4. Choose “Report a Problem” again from the pop-up window.
  5. You will then be able to describe the problem you’re experiencing.
  6. When you’re finished writing, click “Submit.”

Regional Protections Cause No Sound in Instagram Stories

Something else is wrong if you can’t hear specific Instagram Stories yet you can hear others. You can hear your best friend rant about the season finale of your favorite show, but not your favorite celebrity. Then you notice it says, “Instagram Music is not available in your region.”

Your location and the content’s license limit prevent you from enjoying the audio contents of the Story. Someone you follow may live in a country with the most Instagram users, so Instagram paid for the rights to use the music there. Once you’ve seen the notification, you’ll need to wait a little longer.

Alternatively, you can install a VPN and bypass the problem if you don’t mind waiting. Although it seems like an unnecessary complication, it’s certainly an option if you don’t want to miss out on Instagram Music.

If you are in the US, France, Germany, or even Australia and still see this message in your Instagram Stories, you are dealing with a glitch and should report it as described above.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, Instagram’s appeal is largely visual, including its beautifully arranged posts and perfectly captured moments. But Stories are also great, and they give you a lot of creative freedom.

Instagram Stories are often accompanied by music and sound. It’s not enough to watch your friends lip-sync to the latest hit song without hearing it.

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