A look at Facebook’s “Red Team X”, an internal hacking team founded in 2020, which probes 3rd-party tech Facebook uses for hardware and software vulnerabilities

A take a look at Fb’s “Pink Workforce X”, an inner hacking crew based in 2020, which probes Third-party tech Fb makes use of for {hardware} and software program vulnerabilities — The inner hacking crew has spent the final yr searching for vulnerabilities within the merchandise the corporate makes use.

There is a new initiative by Facebook’s ‘Red Team X’ to hunt bugs beyond the social network’s walls

There has been an internal hacking team that has been working for the last year trying to find vulnerabilities in the products that the company uses, which could lead to a safer internet for everyone.

Hackers are using portable network equipment stuffed inside backpacks to trick people into connecting to a fake guest Wi-Fi network on a Facebook corporate campus in order to steal their personal data. In the same year that all this was going on, they installed more than 30,000 cryptominers on actual production servers of Facebook in an effort to hide even more sinister hacking techniques in the midst of all this. In the absence of Facebook employees themselves, who are members of the so-called red team, charged with identifying vulnerabilities before good guys get a hold of them, all of this would be incredibly alarming.  

A red team is typically an internal group at any big tech company that works together to plot and plan in the same way that real hackers would in order to avoid these types of attacks in the future. The nature of the threats changed when the world began to work remotely, increasingly relying on platforms such as Facebook to handle all of its interactions, and a change in the nature of threats occurred. The manager of the Facebook red team, Nat Hirsch, as well as his colleague, Vlad Ionescu, saw an opportunity, and a need, to expand and evolve their mission in the same way, in order to improve their impact. As a result, they launched a new red team which will be tasked with evaluating hardware and software that Facebook uses but does not develop on its own, but that it relies on. Red Team X was what they called the team.

A typical red team focuses on finding vulnerabilities in their own organization’s products and systems, whereas elite bug-hunting groups like Google’s Project Zero can assess any important piece of software, no matter from whom it originates, irrespective of who makes it. This new red team, founded in the spring of 2020 by Ionescu and headed by him, represents a hybrid approach, one that works independent of Facebook’s original red team to identify and probe third-party products that could have a detrimental impact on the security of the social network as a whole.

In my opinion, the Covid conference really served as an opportunity for the red team to take a step back and evaluate how we are all working, how things are proceeding, and what might be next for the team,” Ionescu said. It became increasingly evident as the pandemic dragged on that the group was being asked to investigate products that fell outside of its traditional scope as the pandemic progressed. Facebook is devoting dedicated resources to the task of addressing those inquiries through Red Team X. In fact, Ionescu says that engineers are now coming to us and asking us to look at the tools they are using. It can involve various types of technology, including hardware, software, low-level firmware, cloud services, consumer devices, networking tools, industrial control systems, and even industrial automation.”

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